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    I have been doing stop motion for quite a while now but I am just now getting into the “brickfilms scene.” I have a lot of lego but not really what I need. I am into creating videos that take place in an average city and/or a sci-fi themed place. Basically what I need to know is, what “sets” should I buy for this genre? Should I buy Star Wars? Lego City? I don’t need vehicles or minifigures, I need buildings. Any advice? The pieces I have at home are too bright. (Red, yellow, sand-colored, green.)



    Do you just want blocks or is it the buildings?
    What future?
    Utopia- everything is “perfect and clean”
    Used clean easy colours often mixed with fancy ligths. White and often bright or pastel colours.

    Dystopia – Future is gritty and hard.
    The colours have faded, Brown, gray, oranges.



    Hi Aerion, for futuristic/sci-fi films, you need sets with lots of grey and white, and I think Star Wars would be good place to start. Average city also requires a different set… or you could repaint the pieces you have at home to match with the city set colors of brown, light grey, etc depending on how you would like your city to look like.

    You could also try creating some of the set using materials other than Lego πŸ™‚

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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