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    In this movie I’m making,Gladiator Brothers,I need a colloseam.But I don’t have enough bricks,so I’ll plan to film the clip,and Bluescreen the Colliseam in in the editing process.Sounds like a plan? 😕

    I’m still not sure on the main plot of this movie,so this is all an idea.If it looks great,I’ll keep it.It’ll look like the way T did the opening scene in MG 1&2.I hope it works.


    Brian of Gep


    You want to bluescreen in the Flavian Ampitheatre?


    My advice would be to put some BLUE stuff behind your set….

    But really, I don’t think that there should be a difference between blue screening “ENTIRE Sets” and… uhh… parts… of sets…

    I’ve never bluescreened before, though,
    this is just my opinion based on what I know of it.



    Gee, Newlegocinema, where are ya gonna get a picture of a colloseam?




    you could always create a small scale colusseum out of bricks and other stuff, and then use it in the background. Like they did in Lord of the Rings and Matrix Reloaded, have the lego guys in the front, and have a bluescreened model behind them thats been filmed with a high quality cam upclose to make it look real size.

    And if the backgrounds are stillish, you can create them by multiplying sections of lego and duplicated crowds so one 1/6 of a ring can become 1/2 of a ring for a shot, using graphics programs, that kinda thing.

    Also, i would think about putting some odd bricks and structures (like columns) in the real set, just to give the set a bit more dimension.

    Hope that made sense.



    Couldn’t I just film the scene,and make a 3D Brick Colliseam and Crowd? 😕



    “NewLegoCinema” wrote: Couldn’t I just film the scene,and make a 3D Brick Colliseam and Crowd? 😕

    The choice is up to you.

    First of all it’s quiet hard to play a sfx supervisor without seeing the previs, or know what you exactly will gone do with your cam.

    My suggestion to you is to to keep this whole movie on low resolution and create a low quality 3d coloseum.
    Well if you make a decision to use a 3d colliseam, I could be willing to help you on this and create a simple 3d colliseam. so you can use it as a opening shot and a background. 8)

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