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    Here is a movie I made this morning, mainly to test the quickcam’s audio recording capabilities. This isn’t one of the movies the trailer I made is for. I would appreciate it if you could rate my movie out of 10, thanks in advance.
    In low quality: … asleak.wmv
    In high quality: … asleak.mpg




    You Should Donate your farts to charity, like me!

    lol 😆 Funny. Very well done animation, except that when he was talking the Gas Station Intendant, the animation was a bit boring. 😕 A pretty good movie… but I couldn’t get what the last line was….



    ya sorry, the computer cut the last second or 2 off. The line ended with: look at the TV!



    Nice short Logan!!!! 😀 When Bob got kidnapped, that was ooo funny!!!! 😆



    Well, Humorous, in a gross sort of way! 😕

    I would say it was a 4 out of ten. 1 would be horrible, 10 would be the best, and 5 would be average on that chart.

    Good points: A ‘good’ story, very funny, made sense.
    Pretty good voice efforts. Fine animation.

    Cons: The lighting was horrible. If you want to make good films, a light is a must. Put that on the top of your list.

    The camera still moved a bit, you need to fix that too. Another important thing to worry about.

    Consider the above constructive critisicm, and if you fix the 2 cons, you will have a nice film.




    I guess you know what the sound recording capabilities are now: bad.

    A cheap computer microphone will improve results slightly, but if you want high-quality audio, check out LowweeK’s Audio Guide!

    As for the film, 4/10. You asked for a number, you got one. Now what are you going to do with it? 😛




    Thanks for your advice, I will definetly be picking up a microphone and some lights next trip to Regina.
    EDIT: Wandrer, I think better with numbers, instead of somebody saying the movie was good or bad. Also, Yolegoman, thank you in particular for your in-depth review



    buy neons! my animations were like yours before i get neons, now the pictures are really clean! look at this simple pic:




    Well that was interesting…. 4/10



    The sounds were really poor, so now you know that the quickcam audio recording is bad.

    The animation was nice, but when they were talking on the sofa, this was always the same animation, but you get it longer and cut some frame when you edit it.. so try to watch this , maybe you should buy another light like neons
    There was a little focus problem… next time try adjusting it better

    i give it 4 on 10

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