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    I got the message, that i didn’t have a thumbnail for my film. so what does that mean? does that mean that i need to re-submit it and wait another 3 monthes to have it in the directory? or does it mean that i have to just get a thumbnail?



    A thumbnail is just a picture that should show something about your film, much like your avatar. Last I checked having a thumbnail wasn’t a requirement for having your film accepted, I know it helps, but it’s not a requirement.

    Why don’t you show us your film, could shed some light on why it was rejected…



    I’ve been very careful with the thumbnails I’ve used in submissions lately. Here’s a thread from another person whose film was rejected because of the same reason, I believe:
    It talks about stuff related to posting thumbnails. And if it took three months, I don’t know what happens if it’s re-submitted, but the process probably starts over. Oh, yes, and you should remember that all films don’t automatically get in the directory. If yours doesn’t just keep making new films and submitting them. Good luck and hope that helped. 🙂



    All you need to do is grab one frame from your film. Pick a nice one. Use an image editor to re-size it down to something more comfortable, such as 120×100 pixels. You can even do this in MS Paint.

    Host it in the same place you host your video, or pick one of those on-line image host places. But use one where you create an account so you know the image will still be there if your film isn’t reviewed sttraight away.



    If films can get rejected JUST by not having a thumbnail, then shouldn’t it not let you prosess the film (or at least alert you) with a null URL?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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