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    has anyone here considered making brickfilms as a job? sorta like those thumb movies? that would be cool to see lego movies on the big screen, or atleast in a movie store. :wink



    That would take some serious Brickfilming. I bet Nate Burr could manage it (he did, after all, do that film a day thing) if he really wanted, but he seems much too busy to do something like that. Those thumb films are just south of a half and hour long usually! Man, I love those movies.



    Wow. 😮 That would be interesting. If you did it with bricks and had a moneymaking profit off of it, you would probably have the official lego company to deal with. But if you could work something out with them, then that might make an interesting project. I know I’d buy it! 🙂



    i bet that 4096 could pull that off………
    But after i get my server buisness going…
    (i can start an evil server farm that tracks you down in less than 5 seconds…)naw but im just planning on starting a graphics and game design company….
    the first three animators i would hire would have to be Jason, 4096, and Bluntman. Simply because they have the best talent out of thier fields….

    Jason has his storylines down pat….they just enthral you .

    4096 has his Graphics flyin off the wall.

    And Blunt has a good movement on all of his stuff,
    he can move a minifig like he was movin himself.
    then loic would have to be my musician….

    after i got it off the ground id eventually hire you all cause everyone is good at something.

    weirdears would have to be my publicist…..
    cause he could hype the company up good……
    actually he’d prolly head up the entire marketing department….



    I think the only ones who have a chance of making it their business is Spite Your Face productions, as they are the only ones I know of that have real ties with the Lego Company. In fact, it is their business, as the Lego Company has paid them for their past works, I think. I believe Jay (zirkusaffe) suggested that he wanted to sell his on DVD when it’s done, and I myself have been planning something similar for a while now. Tjeerd Kamps, an old member, also told me he was doing an epic set of films which he was hoping to release on DVD.

    I doubt it will ever be a real job for any of us. It’s a hobby. However, if you’re good, brickfilming can change your life. Thanks to his brilliant work, Jay has a job as a stopmotion animator for a TV show, if I’m not mistaken.

    EDIT: And if you want to see your work on the big screen, get it into a film festival. Just make sure you get all the legal stuff worked out before entering it, though.

    “If you’re wearing any women’s clothing…keep it tucked in!” 😆

    Cometgreen, who’s probably wrong about everything he’s said :wink



    I would love to do this for a living (not just brickfilmsing, but animated movies in general) and I believe I have the animating skill, or writing talent to do reasonably well at it too.
    The trouble for me is that I live in Tasmania, a small, island state of Australia, and down in Tassie, oppurtunities for animators, writers, or film makers in general are VERY limited, even the advertising firms down here either only deal with print, or only do TV adds with cheap, dodgy 3d animation or cheesy live action adds.

    I’d have to move to the mainland – probably melbourne – to even have an oppurtunity to approach one of the few advertising firms that still remember stopmo. and I don’t wan’t to move, I like it in tassie.
    there are no australian made stopmotion kids shows… no tomas the tankengine, no postman pat, no bob the builder… etc.
    there have been no stopmotion movies made in Australia (that I know of).
    I could write, but with no diploma, certificates, or formal writing training/education it’s another steep hill to even get noticed.
    America/hollywood also seems to have completely forgotten the charm of stopmo.
    England seems to be the only place where “stop motion animator” is still a job description on any regular basis.

    AH well, I’m quite happy with this hobby for now. Even though it’s been six months since my last film – I USED to be the most prolific (decent or otherwise) animators here, and now, well… lets just say I get a LOT of e-mail and guestbook entries asking/telling/begging me to “do another film”.)

    OH, and thanx for the compliments Z-studios and Proteus 🙂

    I REALLY oughtta film something soon.

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