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    The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I have worked hard to make the system as intuitive as possible, both for uploaders and for users. Loïc (LowweeK) and Jeffthedrummer will act as curators. They are responsible for adding the content and will provide some of it themselves, but contributions are welcome. Note that we only accept sound effects and songs of the highest quality. Ultimately, a curator decides what goes in and what stays out. If you are accepted as a contributor, you will be granted temporary access to a special upload page to get your sounds to the curator, who will then check them and enter them into the system.

    The most important aspect of the library is the licensing. We make sure all sound effects are original, contributed by the author, and explicitly state the terms of use. Please respect those terms – in many cases you can do whatever you want, but sometimes you may have to credit the creator of the sound. In this way you can be sure there will be no unpleasant surprises like disqualification from contests or copyright cops knocking down your front door in the deep of the night.

    Have fun!




    Although I already know it’s in the resource page and I know what the link is, the rest of our brickfilm adolescent members may not have come to that conclusion so quickly.




    So, what is the Music Clips section for? Is it for short music loops or something?



    Nice job, guys. This is cool.



    Very cool, thanks guys.



    How can one add sound-effects to it? I made some of keyboard typing sounds and that sort of stuff.



    Really cool, guys! 😀 This is gonna be very helpful.



    Not all of them work on my computer but i still think they it’s a great idea. Thatnks to who ever made it 😀 😎 :rotfl :excited:



    “dodger” wrote: Not all of them work on my computer but i still think they it’s a great idea. Thatnks to who ever made it 😀 😎 :rotfl :excited:

    What format did you try downloading? You have to remember that the way Stefan’s designed it, every sound is available 3 different formats (.flac, .ogg, and .mp3). If one doesn’t work for you, try another. Mp3 usually works for everyone.



    All hail Stefan. This really puts us in a class of our own as far as animation websites go.

    So, what is the Music Clips section for?

    You know, like, music. Original music of your own creation of any length that you think someone might want to use in a film.

    .flac is a form of lossless compression. If you don’t know what lossless is, then you probably don’t need it and you shouldn’t worry about it.

    .ogg is similar to mp3, only higher in quality. Again, if you don’t know what it is you probably don’t need it.

    Also, the easiest tool for format conversion I’ve ever seen is dbPowerAmp

    Just install the codecs you need in addition to the program and you can convert any audio file to any other format with a simple right click.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 33 total)

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