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    WOW! 😮 I was updating my profile, and I noticed that there’s an option to use either the default skin for the board, or a Brickfilms style skin! however, it doesn’t look fully compete yet.

    Anyways, you can switch to it in your profile under “Board Style:” (right above the timezone selection. 😎



    Yes, longname 😉
    there is brickfilms skin there, it’s something I’ve been working on.
    the graphics and buttons are all mostly complete, just a bit of tweaking to do, and I’m still toying with the colours.
    If people whant to take a peek go right ahead, but I would suggest staying with the standard SubSilver theme for now, because if I update some files while you’re browsing the forums it might start to behave quite unpredictably on you. 😯

    I expect to find time to complete my tweaking within a few days.

    any comments or suggestions about how it looks thus far are welcome, this IS for all of us 🙂



    Personally, I find the contrast of the different elements a bit overdone. I find it hard to put it down in English correctly, but it’s a bit restless. Makes your eye jump all over the screen.

    Perhaps dimming the white a little would improve matters. The gray of the icons does fit quite well.

    Just my 2 cents.




    Great Job, Bluntman! That is great!

    My mom might start coming here now… she loves blue. 😆

    Note To People: It isn’t done, give Blunty some time, I just switched it to look at it, I’m gonna switch it back here in a sec…



    okay, I’ve still got to edit a few icons and buttons, but I think I’ve got the colour scheme nailed down and working the way I wanted.
    hopefully this will be easier on the eyes than the last two schemes I tried.
    hopefully I’ve have time to get the icons and buttons polished off by this time tomorrow.

    I’ve pretty much finished playing with the stylesheets and tpl files, so it’s safe enough for the willing to test out the skin on a longer term. I can safely update the gif’s even when someone’s using the skin without any problems.

    I eagerly await any and all comments. (except those, of course, of the resident trolls- idiot children that they are 😉 )



    Personally, I find the contrast of the different elements a bit overdone. I find it hard to put it down in English correctly…

    I have to agree, Stefan. One word I might use is “garish” not to the degree of gaudy, but a just a little too busy IMO. Also, I’m having trouble seeing grey and black text on the blue background.

    I like the general idea of making all of the forum elements to match the brick theme. I hope there’s going to be several skins using the same graphics with different color schemes.

    — mrgraff



    pssst theres 1 .css (stylesheet) and the rest are all .tpl’s bluntman…. 😛

    skin looks nice.. :-/ um, i guess… but if yer gonna be experimenting, why not get your own phpbb.. oh yeah, i forgot, you still use geocities 😆 😛 ah im just playin wit you foo… jus get a free host with php and mysql and upload… forgot, you on 56k, itll take long 😕

    *i can be nice and set u up with a phpbb you can do whatever the f**k you want with it* *or an invisionboard* *….*



    also; u gonna put gradients or leave it? cool skin or ugly skin?



    😮 Whooooo!!



    I don’t know that the background works… Everything else looks great, its just that background that bugs me.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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