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    😀 😀 😀 Hello!!! Thanks to some help from some other fellow users, I have finally got at least one of my films up! This was actually made about a year ago, and has really cheesy text segments, but nontheless, this was my first attempt. The music fits pretty good too.

    Thanks for looking! Cya! 8)



    You haven’t made the folder public, we can’t see it.


    Right click on the file and select ‘copy shortcut’. Then paste it in a post. That way we won’t have to wait for the folder to become public.



    Folders Public, for anybody who wants to watch it guys.




    I liked the movie a lot did.



    That was great. Only thing i didnt like much was that the lighting constantly changed when they were fighting (dont know if it was supposed to happen) and then the camera shook a little.. But it was good..



    😉 sorry bout that! I’m new to this. heres the correct link:



    Psst… for your next film, make sure your link looks like this:

    About the film: I liked it! I missed quite a few elements I like in good films (which you promised would all be there), but then again, your swordfights were kind of interesting, and it definitely had this trailer-like feeling all over it!

    Are we ever going to experience the complete film?




    😥 😥 😥 I’m not sure if the full thing will ever show. I’m having a little trouble. I made this as soon as I got my lego studios set. Then it didn’t work on my fast XP computer, so I used the old, EXTREMELY slow computer. I got about 3/4 of it done, then I got the XP cd for studios, then the camera didn’t work on that computer for some strange reason. And to make matters worse, the old computer doesn’t have internet OR even a CD burner! So I’v bought myself a good quality web cam and am using the Anasazi program, which is also having problems(when you press the button to show the previous frame at the same time as the present one, it locks up and I lose it all. I know it’s not my computer because it’s brand new and this is the only thing that gives it problems. If you have any suggestions, they will be gracoiusly accepted. Thanx!



    did you make the trailer using LS? How did you get the movie to show that large. Everytime I make a movie is LS I get this tiny little screen.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)

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