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    Brick Angel

    I was wondering. What kind of cameras does everyone use?
    My thing is photography not so much film making but was wondering. How do you go about choosing your stellar cameras for Brick Filming?


    Brick Angel

    wondering if a Fuji Film, HS30 EXR would work well, anybody care to share their thoughts?


    Parker W Young

    Hey Brick Angel,

    Looks like that camera would work fine for brick filming. I’ve used the Canon Rebel series and Canon t2i series for brick films in the past and they worked fine. It’s a bit challenging sometimes working with bulky DSLRs, but if you have enough room on-set, you should be able to position the HS30 for a good shot with no problems. Do you have any other cameras in mind?



    I use the classic logitech pro 9000. Since I’m new to brickfilming there wasn’t any reason to go for a DSLR at first because of 2 reasons: 1. they’re expensive and 2. there was always the possibility that brickfilming wouldn’t be for me, so then I would have been stuck with a very expensive DLSR camera that I would only use on some occasions (I’m not into photography all that much).

    Now, if you want a camera for photography that could also do a good job in brick films then get a DSLR (if you can afford it of course), but if you want a camera just for making brick films then get a webcam. I would suggest a logitech c910/920, because you can go all the way up to full HD. I initially wanted to buy a c910 but I found the pro 9000 at half the price so I went with that.

    Not sure what to say about the HS30 because I haven’t used one 🙂

    Hope this helps.


    Brick Angel

    My thing is more photography than film making, but since taking up the job on here. I so wanna make a cool video 🙁 so i’m learning from your guys, the pros 😀

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