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    I downloaded the tryout for premiere and tried to install it. When I click on the setup icon with a picture of a window (which is usually the install folder) it loads for a while and does nothing. A lot of the files are on a .DLL extension, so when i click on it it says it doesn’t know how to run the program and asks to select it from a list. (It’s a windows, if that helps.) Does anyone have a solution?

    edit: twenty minutes after all of the seemingly pointless loading, it says about five times that it can’t run a 16-bit windows program.




    What is the operating system you use ?

    It sounds like a DLL problem, thus you should download last DLL packs, mainly C++ runtimes. However, I could have a better judgment if you describe your system and the precise error you encounter.



    I have a windows xp computer. The file that says setup loads for a bit, then several minutes later says “windows can’t run a 16 bit program”….

    never mind, it works now. That was very odd. A random problem followed by a random solution. How random!

    Thanks anyway for trying, and sorry for wasting your time.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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