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    TruIllusion Studios

    I’ve decided to delay my Toy Story short and focus on the other short I’m working on, one based on the TV show “Gotham” that is based around the origin of Commissioner Gordon. The short itself is sort of in the tune of Zombie Exodus: Commissioner Gordon is already cast and I will be voicing the producer so the parts I still need are:
    The Penguin
    Young Bruce Wayne
    There is no need to audition, just email me at: if you are interested and I can send you the script. I am most concerned with you having a good audio recording source, preferably a microphone.



    Hi Tru, I apologise for the late response… Had a rough week… Is the audition still on?


    TruIllusion Studios

    Yeah, just email me a voice test. I already emailed you the script, so just email me there if you have any more questions. Thanks



    Thanks Tru 🙂



    I am a boy so I can do The Penguin and young Bruce Wayne, The Joker is hard to do. My microphone is worth about $70. Once you email me the script I will email you the recordings. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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