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    I need voices for a movie i’m making,so if your interested PM a voice to me.

    Info-Mutt & some new friends of his are going on a holiday to africa, but when the ark of the covenant is stolen & a german fighter plane comes to kill them, this holiday terns into a race against time to find the great ark of the covenant.

    Mutt-(Good)-“germans, why did it have to be germans?”

    Greg-(Bad)-(Boss gangster)-(Deepish voice)-“Ok Charlie,you give us the map, we give you the money”

    Suprem Leader Arnold Dietrich-(bad)-(german boss) “the world will,be mine, Moo Who ha ha ha ha ha ha”

    German Soldiers 1-10 (in german & english) just any voices for them.

    more characters soon.

    thanks jayden66

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