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    add it, itll look better.. use the color blue thats in the category bars


    Brian of Gep

    Which cell?
    There are lots of them.



    uhhh the cell highlight is a hack for phpbb…



    “Banjo” wrote: uhhh the cell highlight is a hack for phpbb…

    see? you don’t even understand basic html terminology (or M$ Office for that matter)

    he asks which cell and you go on about your “hacks” again
    everytime you say that i just want to reach out and strangle you, argh!


    Brian of Gep

    It is so very difficult to strangle people over the internet, no?
    I have tried so many times in vain that I have given up,
    and simply stopped reading the offenders’ posts.
    (Yes, for you grammar nazis, “offenders” is plural)



    **pointless reply on**

    We prefer “Neo Grammar Nazis” thank you very much 😛

    It’s “are” duty for correcting Grammar mistakes

    we’s gots reasons to correct thems

    **pointless reply off**

    And Banjo We all know in Your World you are a super genius and we are morons as well as you know everything there is to know about html and “hacks” and crap like that.. Please don’t remind us.



    I don’t care Brian of Gep, he must be stopped!

    *tackles his monitor*





    if a person requires a cell to change colour to indicate that is where their mouse pointer lies, then it seems to me, that person could easily be labelled as profoundly stupid.
    if you have so many forums under your control Blake, go to them, “hack” those till you die of profound stupidity. You really have no place here, and I seem to recall you storming off because this place was “boring”.



    Banjo, this forum is about talking. Not about gadgets that detract from the content. If you take time to write down a good reason on how such a “hack” would improve the way this forum is experienced, RevMen might, perhaps, put it on his already long TO DO list. If you keep talking about how easy this is to install, and how stupid RevMen is that he can’t do it himself, you’re getting nowhere.

    Time to start making use of this fellow:


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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