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    A girl wants to buy a pizza from a pizzeria. But they are sold out, so the girl has to be a delivery girl for a day, so she goes and gets some pizzas from some bozo living on the streets. She goes back to the pizzeria and crashes the truck into her own car. Her car falls to pieces!

    The rest is a secret! 😯



    Dling now. eagerly awaitin film.



    ok heres the thing you really need to concentrate on all your techniques and take more care in your animation. i hope those voices were not yours because that would explain the bad films. the person doing the voices must have been 6 or 7. the movie plot was great but take time to plan it out, storyboard, script, you know stuff like that. you will see that great movies come from patience, not rushing.



    I take it that you don’t have much access to sound affects (“VROOOM VROOM 😀 ). Try and get a hold of some. They really make a difference. About the movie, I agree with Kylepro



    You certainly have improved your storytelling techniques, wierdears.

    Sure, the movie needs some technical advances, but you do have to give him credit…

    I can’t find a single reference to ANY other film whatsoever!

    Good Job Wierdears! Next time, try taping the cam down, and getting better sound effects.

    You certainly have improved, a lot, yet you still have a long way to go!




    Alright, here’s my review:

    Good Job WeirdEars! I liked the story, it was better than usual! 😀

    I liked how the Owner of the Pizza Store put down the sign saying “Pizza” after the girl couldn’t deliver the pizza.

    When I heard:

    Hey Phil! Give me a Pizza!

    I was expecting a monster like thing to be Phil or maybe an Egor type thing. That would be a gag. 🙂

    I thought the animation was good but when the girl walked to the pizzaria it didn’t look like she was walking, it looked a little like sliding. Maybe when you have to walk on that type of angle you could lift the body up a little on one side so it looks like she’s walking, and not sliding.

    Other than that a pretty enjoyable film! Good Job WierdEars! 😀




    Shine a light on that sucker and glue/tape/sticky tac the set down. I didn’t think the dialogue was as bad as some said though. The story was a little confusing though I see where it was going(I think)



    Yes, I need to make my movies better…The crash made an earthquake and made the sign fall down. There will be a part 2 coming soon…

    Yes, I need to get some PROPER voices. The voices will be better for part 2.



    Much better, but there’s a lot more to improve on. Let’s see, like everyone has already said, you need to keep your camera still and work on your lighting. Also, you need to work on your frame rate and your walking. I’m fine with the voices, but you do need to get rid of the poping sound and the noise in the background. This could be caused by you microphone or software.

    Oh, and for sound effects, try



    I use LEGO studios.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 28 total)

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