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    Hi all!

    I got a Logitech Quickcam 4000 Pro, and the first thing I did was made this.

    I know, the sound’s low (Turn it up if you decide to watch it), the lighting not that great, but, it’s a test type clip.

    check it out at:

    Tell me what you think (Have in mind though that It only took me litteraly 12 minuets or less to make it from start from finish, and I was tired, and just got the cam 🙂 )

    SkeTchY 🙂



    Nice quality, nice movie, nice stuff..

    Heh, I see your site and movie is set up like bluntman 🙂


    Nice work Sketchy. Sadly, real media files dont play too well on my comp. They tend to flash, thus resulting in headaches. Still watchable however. I have yet to film a match or even a test clip (atleast with lego) since I have now been working hard on the music video. It WILL be done by sat, atleast I hope. Sorry, didnt mean to “hijack” your thread. You did a good job. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see more.


    i need a gf

    i resent real media so can you post a divx version please



    I know a thing or two about a thing or two. I like the movie


    The Janitor

    Looks pretty good, Kieran. One thing I would suggest when using the 4000 pro is to tape down or otherwise secure the cord so that it does not slowly drag the camera out of position. That’s what appeared to be happening in the first clip, unless that movement was intentional.



    Even though it was a test, wow! Your animation was wonderful! How did you do it so smoothly! I noticed when the guy jumped, he kind of blended to the next frame! Did you do that manually? That would take forever! Or do you have a special program!? Wow!


    Mr. Less

    8) pretty cool test. Nice animation. Iliked the way the guy jumped.



    Hi everyone 🙂

    Thanks for the possitive reveiws 🙂 I was originally going to keep the test out of site, but I thourght, however, that I still didn’t have an animation up on my site 🙂

    About one reply saying could I put it in DivX form (Or somthing like that), sorry, I can’t. I could however, TRY to make it into a windows clip, but the quality would drop. So, maybe you should open it with DivX. Probably didn’t help you, sorry 🙁

    Expect my up-coming film with two of my “future” trademark characters, Jeff & Bob (Names may change 🙂 )

    I havn’t compleated it yet, only just started filming.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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