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    I picked the 7 designs I liked the most, based on the appeal and feasibilities of the designs.. Please pick your favorite in the poll, but also discuss which ones you like in this thread and why you like them.

    1) The brickfilms logo. Despite Jonathan’s name on this picture, the credit for this design will go to Jay, as he made the logo and Jonathan is hardly the first person to think of putting the BF logo on a shirt.

    2) The brickfilms logo + “it’s not a cult, it’s a family.” Credit for this will be distributed between Jay, The Liebermans, and Ladon.

    3) “brickfilms” on film. A nice design by Jonathan.

    4) It’s all out there. Ladon’s weirdness brought to t-shirt form.

    5) Elements of a good brickfilm. White Dragon’s superb description of what goes into a good film.

    6) The Brickfilms Bunch. Zen’s depiction of brickfilms as a popular 70’s TV family.

    7) Stylin. Zen attempts to make up for a perceived shortage of tophats at brickfilms.



    Wow…I really like the Brickfilms Bunch and Stylin’…I can’t choose!

    Brickfilms Bunch is really creative, funny and stylish. I could really picture myself wearing it. Stylin’ is exactly the same. I might have to choose Stylin. The “b” and the “s” in brickfilms in the Brady design look odd on the blue background. Score one for Stylin!



    Mr. Less

    Stylin’ and Elements Of A good Brickfilm are my favorite. I wish I could pick both!



    Well, I’ll have to go with Ladon’s “It’s not a cult. It’s a family.” :wink That quote from the Lieberman Bros. movie, “Copyright Craze” is just so catchy. There shirt itself is plain and simple, but it makes a big statement.




    I like the plain black shirt with the brickfilms logo. There’s not much to it, but it looks cool. Either that, or Ladon’s “It’s all out there.” 😆



    The Logo on black. Definitely.



    I voted for the elements of a good brickfilm, but still contend that monkeys needs another word added to it for balance (Mischevious monkeys?)

    Anyway, they’re all good, and I look forward to seeing what’s picked.




    I voted fot elements of a good brickfilm but I like “it’s not a cult, It’s a family” one
    also. they all are done pretty well.




    Foot Productions

    I like elements. I also agree it needs an adjective to it. :rollgrin: Monkeys are cool. :monkey:



    I personally don’t understand the appeal of the “elements of a good brickfilm” shirt. I’m not sure why just putting ‘monkey’ on something automatically makes it funny.

    I like the black shirt with the logo, but I think it will get alot of votes, regardless of what I do, so I decided to vote for one that I liked, but thought might not get as many votes, Ladon’s logo with Lieberman’s phrase.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 52 total)

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