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    Galaxy Patrol

    I noticed that clear Lego pieces are the first ones to get dull. I looked up and found a trick to giving life back to them.

    “The fogging or dullness and loss of shine comes from minor scratches. The way to fix these scratches is to give the piece a quick dip in a bath of liquid acrylic.”

    “Dip the clear LEGO pieces in the polish, making sure that the LEGO piece is fully covered. Then set the LEGO pieces aside to fully dry (I recommend setting them on baking parchment-paper).”

    The liquid acrylic is said to fill in the minor scratches. I’m thinking if clear nail polish could to the trick. Anyway, I’ll try to get a hold of liquid acrylic to test this.



    Thanks, very helpful


    Galaxy Patrol

    You’re welcome 🙂


    Jason Childrey

    Ive done it, the Future floor polish was hard to find, i ended up ordering it from amazon. It really does make the pieces look nicer but you have to be very careful not to let bubbles dry on it or it will leave an ugly rough spot. Also it seems to make the pieces stick together tighter, which is not really a good thing. Its a good trick especially if the pieces are old and very dull but i wouldnt just do it to all my clear pieces. I store all my clear pieces separate and sorted to where there is no need to rummage through them so they dont get scratched

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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