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    This is going to be my last movie done with the lego cam , this has one trailer mg-3 , and its just a taste of what i can do with it. When i get my webcam , feel free to send me trailers 🙂 … ngsoon.wmv



    nice animation for the announcer, was expecting a bit more, but I liked it!
    I might make a trailer for The Computer Nut today and send it to you.



    Still trying to get my webcam , i have a question , how many trailers a show .

    (enter Number)

    Cause this i could do , like 2 times a month.



    5 would be a good amount.
    Oh,yeah.I’ll send you the trailer for “The Cube”,the date is out of date-just correct the error by saying at the end it’s 6.30.03 not 6.10.03.
    And say it’s from NewLegoCinema,that’s me.



    Thank you very much for using my mg-3 trailer.

    This idea is pretty nice but it can turn out in overhyping movies.



    You shouldn’t really care about the number of trailers you use per show, because not everyone makes a trailer for their film. If there’s 3 trailers in the past month, use those. If there’s 7 trailers in the past month, try to use all of those (or at least the ones you thought were the best).




    im not going to overhype this , just gonna get it done and post it. I lied about the last film with the lego cam , im gonna do more , until i get the new cam.



    Quite a nice way to have your film around, but I don’t know if people over here can be bothered to make a trailer. It requires a lot of extra work, and usually people will want to complete their film (especially with deadlines and such).

    About overhyping: once people know their trailer is going to be reviewed in a show like this, they will put extra effort in them, and consequently in the end product as well. This will actually improve the odds that the film will eventually be finished!




    very good point Wandrer2. The New addition needs trailers! Send me a pM with your trailer links 🙂



    I don’t really see that many trailers being made because there are only so many directors and most of us are either working on a project, working at work or working at school. I, might make a few trailers because I seem to have a lot of free time during the summer(which is comin’ up. WHOOOO YA) and ,I’m a little obsessive. I agree that this might also overhype movies because we all know it’s a whole HECK of a lot easier to make short films then it is to make long ones. By the way, what format do you want the trailers in? Good Job!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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