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    Well, I hope you don’t mind me posting all my “firsts”, if so just let me know. 🙂

    This is a test of flying Captian Tilendors Laekenois . Although this scenery won’t be used in Tilendor’s first movie, its a test to see how well I can fly his starship through planetary terrian.

    small version … planet.wmv

    large version … laneth.wmv

    Let me know your comments! For those wondering, yes, this is the same guy who fired the blaster in my last test.[/b]



    Thats sooo good! Awsome!



    That looks very good! And so smooth 😮



    What did you use for the shadow?

    And good job 😀



    The shadow is what sold it! Well done!

    As for the clip: it reminded me strongly of one of the first computer games I ever played: Buck Rogers on the Commodore 64. Which reminds me of a very cool song: Buck Rogers by the group Feeder. But I digress…




    your flying ship looks great with the CGI. Did you use aftereffects for the blue screening?



    There is no blue screening, I cut out a transperency map of the legos for each time it changes. So, the shadow is simply be cast from the picture of the starship, so when the light is from the side, its flat. 🙁 (Look near the start.)

    I will stop the seen image from casting a shadow, and make a projector light, make the image of the lego ship from the top bright white, with the rest black. Then I make a powerfull negative light… 😉 Hopefully it will work!

    So, I have a camera following a upright square with the lego ship painted on to it, then it has a transperency map. I then simply animate this plane flying through my 3d terrian. For different camera angles, I just have to take a different picture of the lego craft, make a transperency map for the frame, then take it into my 3d program, animate it, then leave it for an hour or two as it renders.


    What more can be said? Bravo. Beautifully executed. Good job.



    Great job!!! If i can b picky I would say that the plane is a bit too low to the ground, but hey that doesn’t spoil it… Awesome work dude 😀



    😮 and 😀 , that was cool!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)

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