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    With the recent regime change, I felt compelled to create some guidelines as to how this forum functions.

    Making a community project

    1. Introduce an idea. Just because there are major projects currently being run doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post an idea. The unwritten rule is to indicate it as a “concept”.[/*]
    2. Develop it. Get input from others, make changes, improve it, have a general plot or storyline, etc.[/*]
    3. Outline a plan. How do you plan on getting it from being an idea to a finished product?[/*]
    4. Making it official. This forum is mainly where the ideas are conceived. Once you have everything set up to further develop the idea (a private forum dedicated to the project, enough members to insure a possible finished film, and of course the Minister of Community Project’s approval) it is no longer a concept, it is an official community project. It gets stickied.[/*]
    5. Show commitment to the project. For the time being, if an official project is inactive for over 6 months, it’s unstickied. This means that if you want it to keep going, continuously update us on the project.[/*]
    6. Final product. This is all I care about. A film made by multiple animators from across the globe.[/*]

    As always, copyright laws must be obeyed.

    In order to keep the forum from being cluttered with too many stickied threads, I’m limiting it to 3 to 5 official project threads stickied at a time. Other official CP should still function with or without the thread being stickied.

    Unofficial CP can still be discussed here, they just won’t be stickied.

    The Minister of CP’s job is to mainly approve which ideas are official community projects. His/her involvement in the projects vary, as he/she is not obligated to run every project that comes to him/her. It is the responsibility of the persons involved in the project to appoint someone to run the project. For example, Late for Work is run by BertL and LotL, The Day Crashed (official version) by LotL, SUPER by me, and no doubt when I make The Brick Factory official, RP or someone dedicated to the project will be in charge of it.

    The one contribution that the Minister of Community project should always provide to official projects is his/her unwavering support.

    Questions, comments, concerns, etc. Anything I should add to this post?



    That pretty much covers it. Except you should add “Read before posting” to the title, so we don’t have newly joined members posting away. Overall, a nice addition, Lech.



    Excellent point, maggosh, line added.

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