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    Shootin Bricks

    Notice I didn’t say weekly update. :roll

    I have deliberately not posted an update for over a month now for two reasons-
    I didn’t have too much to report most of the time.
    I wanted to try and gauge support for the CP by seeing who came around to see what was up. It took awhile.

    The currently greenlighted project is still alive, though it hasn’t been easy. It’s taken many twists and turns and some heartwrenching decision making but we have a finished script, a partial soundtrack and the first two pages of an eight page storyboard. The most dissapointing part of this journey was finding out who could be counted on and who couldn’t. I went to several directors whose opinions and abilities I respect and asked for their input on the script. They could have said no with no problem, but all agreed to have a look and give me feedback. Unfortunately, the only one who followed through was Joel of 4Guys1Brain. Following his advice, we totally gutted the script, keeping only the first and last scenes and proceeded to rewrite the rest, looking to make it leaner and funnier. I think we suceeded.
    I’m confident the film will be made- once we all finish our parts we have to find suitable animators and see it to completion.

    As for the future of the CP, I’m not sure. I feel we definitely need more participation from the community. I’m not sure that this community has what we need. We need team players, people who can work with others to create something bigger and better than anything they could do on their own. That is the heart of the CP. I’m afraid we may have too many rugged individualists here for that to happen. I’m not saying that’s such a terrible thing- indeed, the biggest draw of brick animation may be that you can make movies by yourself with no help from anyone else. I’m constantly amazed by what people do all by their lonesome. Maybe we’re just not capable of doing it any other way…

    Some people have made some suggestions over the last month or so that I deliberately didn’t respond to because I wanted to listen first to the debate, then comment.

    Those of you who liked the Mr. Pointy Nose Concept seemed to really feel passionate about the subject. But in the end you gave up too easy- if you really felt that strongly about it, why didn’t you fight harder for it? If it was me, I’d have found a way to make it work- if the original story wasn’t going to happen, come up with your own. Nobody holds the copyright for an idea so basic as a homeschooled family being harrassed by a government stooge. Surely one or two of you could sit down and hammer out a script on the subject without copying the MPN story- right? It sounds like one or more of you may have actually experienced it- why not write about your experiences?

    Z-Studios wants to do a project the old way- each director makes a minute or so and then passes it on to the next. I never cared for this method, I didn’t particpate and thought the finished results were- well, let’s just say that it didn’t work for me. As I said before, a CP should create something better than what the contributing individuals could have done alone and I think the old DP failed miserably in that respect. But maybe that’s the only way our community is capable of working together. If there’s a groundswell of support for such a project, I certainly won’t stand in the way. Getting such a project off the ground is easy- make the first minute and pass it on… I say go for it, even use this forum to ‘organize’ it. I’m betting Rev won’t mind. If there’s a debate about which director goes next, we’ll let Rev break the impasse. How’s that?

    That’s about all I have to say at this time- to recap:
    The Greenlighted Project isn’t dead. We still need animators.
    If you agree to help with something, you should follow through.
    If you like a concept, fight for it. Find a way to get it off the ground.
    If an old style Director’s Project is more what you have in mind, make the first installment and post it. It’s that basic.


    Mr. Less

    I respect your decisions Shootin Bricks. Even if i was still part of the project i probably wouldn’t have helped that much. 😐 Motfilms has continued to notifie me about the progress of the project. The script looks good, but it is slightly remniscent of a certain childrens book.

    Did i say slightly? I meant very. Just Read the booklist review.

    “Booklist” wrote: EDIT– Hi! This is Doug! I edited out what Idiotless had here in order to prevent any possible spoilers for those who may not want to know what the film is about before it’s finished. IMHO, it’s only similar. I can think of dozens of movies and books with similar themes. So what? This is ours, it’s original and it’s funny. Thanks for the heads up though.

    Being a adult, you are probably not familiar with these books by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. I thought you would just like to know before you comepletely go through with this thing.



    I have a few books by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, (The Stinky Cheeseman is one of my all time favorite children’s books) but I never have read the Time Warp Trio books. If I had read those books, the script would probably be very different. I try to write original stories (which is almost impossible these days; most of the good stories are already taken). But the description does sound similar. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. I might read one of those books sometime; I enjoy pure insanity.

    Idiotless, I don’t know what to say. I have mixed feelings about the whole issue of “letting go” some of the writing staff, but this is not really the place to talk about it. As this has already been discussed, just read here. You have contributed a few ideas since then, and I thank you for those. So in a sense, you still are kind of on the project.

    Doug, I am hoping that once people see how cool our film is that they will jump at the chance to get involved with another Community Project. But I don’t really know. Maybe we do have too many “rugged individualists”. That really is a shame. Take it from me guys, it is a heck of a lot of fun working on this project. You (probably) won’t be disappointed if you join a team. I almost like working in a group more than working alone. Now if only I had a friend next door to help with the animation.




    When the Community Project idea was announced I found it interesting and I thought that it had been fun doing something like that. At that time I worked on my Brickfest entry and didn’t have any time enough to join a project, so I awaited til I had time to get involved. I think the time has come.

    What I want to say, is that: If you need my help to get this project finished, I will help. I would really like to see this resulting in a great movie!

    I don’t know if I posted this the wrong place, or if you really need me. Just send me a mail if there are anything you want me to do.


    Shootin Bricks

    Thank you!
    Your offer to help will be forwarded to Rev Men who is recruiting animators.

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