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    I just thought of an idea. We could have a competition between all these group projects. I’m thinking we could try to get teams together for a cetain date and then judge them for prizes after they are all finished(with certain limits and rules) I’m not volunteering to host this contest, but it’s and idea, hopefully somebody will step up to the plate and take up this challenge. I don’t feel I’m a vetran of this craft yet, and I don’t yet have the respect of all of the brickfilmers yet, so somebody like, wandrer, buxton, bluntman,revmen, or hali would be better suited for this task. Feel free to comment on this idea, with positive or negative ideas or comments
    I’ve read your replies. Thanks for your input. I’ve added a poll just in case their are people that want this contest. This is onlt an idea, please treat it like one, Thanks for your replies and opinions
    EDIT: I’ve voted against, but whoever voted for…. GREAT WAY TO BE A NON-CONFORMIST!!!
    EDIT: Crap, when I edited last it deystroyed the poll, sorry, I have little experience



    i don’t think a competition is a good idea just yet. this thing is just getting started and has yet to get one movie rolling. Maybe in a while once everybody gets used to the community project idea.



    I don’t think you should put up a competition. This Community Project is all about cooperation. We have BrickFest, BricksWest, NWBrickCon and the occasional Brickfilms contest (not to mention a contest organised by members, such as the Horror Contest). Let’s keep the competitive spirit out of this!




    “wandrer2” wrote: Let’s keep the competitive spirit out of this!

    100% Agree!

    We already had 20 years of competition mentality all over the world and things (scientifical research, economy adn so on) went worse and worse. :evil

    Let’s try other solutions: be cooperative!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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