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    Hypnotic Chipmunk

    Hey, Im sure this has been asked before, but couldn’t find it in any previous posts or in the software section of the faqs. Anyway, I was going to upload a clip, but its 38,000 kb big for some odd reason, as its fairly short, and I was wondering if their were any way to easily compress it. I’ve never had this problem before, I so I never botherd to find out. thanx for your time


    Brian of Gep

    Use DivX. It has GREAT compression and NO loss of quality. You will need to download the codec.

    Then, use VideoMach to compile your film using DivX.

    This should take care of your question problem. For future reference, both of these are in the FAQ in the [3] Software Questions section.

    Good luck!



    Hi, Chipmunk! Most likely the reason this never happedend b4 is cause you used Windows Movie Maker, like I do. It will compress it automatically.

    But if its just a short clip with no compiling, then by all means just do what Brian said! 🙂


    Hypnotic Chipmunk

    ya thats what I use. Thanks for the help

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