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    BrickFace, check the date of the post you just quoted and see how much has progressed since that post.



    Why are people bumping these old threads?



    I don’t see why we couldn’t just create an evil millitary organisation for the film rather than use organisations that have caused a lot of world conflict.

    We did that. Then we did a lot of other things. Then we did even more things. Then the project was put on hold indefinitely. Then, three months later, you posted.

    Please read the whole thread before you post next time… and check dates… your interest is appreciated, but bumping three-month old threads isn’t exactly encouraged around here… 🙂



    When this gets going again, I’m going to make a new thread that summarizes everything already established and well as keep things more organized.

    I think one of the problems of this CP was that Mr.Lemons started a discussion thread to expand the idea, but nothing was never really organized, like the Super or Top Secret threads. You had to read a ton of stuff just to know what was going on.

Viewing 4 posts - 181 through 184 (of 184 total)

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