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    Shootin Bricks

    I had an idea a long time ago for a series of short films based on the
    following idea: there is another area like the Bermuda Triangle
    where ships and planes have been mysteriously disappearing for generations, only this place is located in the Pacific Ocean. Also, it involves a lost civilization like Atlantis only located in the Pacific. The name of the place and the series is PACIFICA.
    Approximate Length: 4 or more episodes of 5-10 minutes each (this
    would be a big project).

    NOTE: Example. Not done deal. Don’t like it? Then don’t respond.



    I like this concept. It reminds me vaguely of a tv show that was on in the early 80s (I think) but I can’t remember the details…

    Will each episode be standalone, or do you see it as having a continuing storyline? I’d like each episode to be self-contained (i.e. beginning-middle-end) but for the series as a whole to form one long story. What does everyone else think?

    Anyway, I’m up for a job on the script team, and I can probably do some voices as well.



    It’s a nice concept. It would be really cool to inject some retro 80’s style filming/music/people/clothing into the series. I’m sure lots of members on this forum have a nice collection of 80’s legos just waiting to be picked up 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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