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    As you probably know, I recently released a film that spoofed public television. After watching the film, Yolegoman sent me a private message suggesting that I post this as a comunity project concept. After thinking about it for awhile, I decided to go with his sugestion.

    Anyways, the project would be a series of 1-5 minute episodes of “An Idiot’s Guide.” I would do the animation and the anouncer’s voice and probably add the sound.

    I was also thinking that there could be guest hosts and sponsors who would be on the show. There could also be special “themed” episodes such as pirate or space.

    Please tell me if you’re interested.

    Note: If you haven’t seen “An Idiot’s Guide”, you can see it here.



    I’m on, i can help with filming, i’ve got a new camera on the way… and if you need more help with plot development… BTW LBP why are you never on aim anymore? If you get on i’ll be there



    “legotronn” wrote: that’d be great. 😀 Well, I’d love to be part of the project, but I’m working on the time travel thing, is it okay to work on 2 projects?

    Yes- it’s OK to work on two projects. Only you know how much you are capable of so please try not to spread yourselves too thin.
    Also, just because you sign on for a project doesn’t mean it will get made.
    It still has to be greenlighted.

    I don’t have many projects this summer and i’ve been bored, so 2 projects will be fine! Count me in on this project!



    I’d like to help with writing the script. 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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