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    Timothy Ratner

    I have had this idea for quite a while.
    Imagine you’re going on vacation, visiting your relatives,
    or just taking a trip. Your vehicle (particularly a plane) crashes down
    and ends up on an island. What would you do on the island? It is to have the brickfilmer’s sigfig doing something on the island. Would you try every attempt to get the heck off of it, or would you make the best of your
    island life? The original idea was to have all the brickfilmers go on vacation, meaning going together and crash on an island, showing what they would do. Would you like that idea more?

    This idea may be similar to the television show, Lost and of the game, Sims Castaway. I’m not completly copying it. I know there is alot of CPs at the moment, but let’s see how this goes.

    Your ideas, thoughts, opinions?


    Robert Doucette

    The concept sounds pretty fun, it could use a bit of work (maybe something other than a plane crash?) but overall it sounds like a fun CP.



    I agree, it would take a while. The problem I see is at least one person having all the brickfilmer’s sigfigs, seeing as there will be several scenes with all the characters.



    I’ll be a hermit that appears in one episode and steals everyone’s food. And I’ll have the only working computer with a working internet connection on the island.



    It sounds like a fun project but it would take alot of work.


    Timothy Ratner

    Note this is just a concept. I would like to try to think of some ways that will be able to take it slow, but still make progress. Oh and Littlebrick, nice idea. Be creative! 🙂



    As a single film, this would be difficult to be a community project involving multiple animators. A typical CP would be something like like Late For Work or The Brick Factory where multiple animators can contribute without difficulty.

    This concept is limited to an island, thus limiting who can animate it with the resources they have.

    It’s a nice idea. I think it has to be formatted to work for multiple animators though. If it were to be a series, then we have a possibility. LOST would be one approach in reducing the restriction on just having an island setting. Of course, the story has to be original, not a copy or even a parody of LOST.



    I don’t think this could work well as a CP. It would require pretty large expansive sets that mostly featured a lot of trees. Keeping continuity would be horribly complicated.

    That said, it isn’t a bad idea. I just don’t think it would work well for a CP.


    Timothy Ratner

    I understand, oh well.


    Matt Gillan

    Well I think it could work as a Community project as not all of the characters have too be in the same location. One could end up in a cave, one in a wilderness, one on a hill, one on a beach etc… So therefore the sets wouldn’t have to be the same.

    However at this moment in time I don’t think that it is a good idea as there are quite a few community projects going around at the moment.

    Also, no offence, but the concept that you have come up with isn’t particulary original.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)

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