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    I just got the idea for a movie based around Metroid Prime.

    Finding a good voice for Samus Aran would be the toughest part,though-becasuse she never talks in the game except for when you get damaged or something.
    It’s just as well you try and make a good mini-fig of her,then the next obsticle-the Space Pirates.This would make a great Action/Adventure movie,but there are the blocks that can stop the director in place.Some of the creatures would be a challenge to build (Thardus and Flaahgra).

    As for a Fusion would be a little easier,if you have the strategy guide.Samus sometimes argues with her computer “Adam”.The Space Pirates are less seen in this one,and the tiny X would have to be CGI.And the morph ball would be extremly difficult,but hey-I like to figure out these things 99.9% of the time.There would be alot of Blue screening involved,like in the battle scenes.

    Length- 20-30 Mins.
    Rating- PG-13
    Other-It would be a tough project-but it might get some people’s attention in the end.

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