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    ANNOUNCEMENT(update)- Due to recent events, this community project is breaking off from entirely. It is now on a hiatus, and will be regrouped at I don’t wish for Wasteland to be related to this site.

    “The current year is unknown. The human race is at the brink of extinction. There is nowhere to hide. The remaining humans struggle to survive. Four clans of humanoids struggle for power. With only the scraps left from the war, the clans have little chance of survival. The planet is under constant threat of attack from the palm, a mutated carnivorous plant that grows in outbursts every other month. The world is almost gone…”

    The Sky Pirates (steampunk-y style characters), the Islanders (normal Islander type characters), the Clan (classic- castle style) and the Urban Defenders (ApocaLEGO design tupe characters). Another, smaller group is the bount hunters, who need no introduction. EDIT: there re two more additional clans elewhere in this thread. would be the four clans, and they control different regions. PostapocaLEGO is a relatively new trend among MOCers, and i thought they would fit well in a brickfilm. for more ApocaLEGO MOCs picked by the Brothers Brick (which i am NOt a part of, for the record) visit

    I gained inspration for the story from Many MOCs that i had seen. There is a long version, not posted here, that goes into the lives of several people from diferent clans. You know those sky ships from super marion that bowser’s always flying around in? that makes me yell sky pirate. Indian sets from teh LEGO Western sieries and the Islander series are great for the Islanders. (who would have thought?!)

    Basic Plot: Sky Pirates are trying to conquer the world and rebuild their empire. One of the tribes, (the islanders, most likely) expend much of their funds to hire a bounty hunter to kill the sky pirate’s leader. meanwhile, other groups scavenge food and fight off the inpending Palm outbrake. The Bounty hunter kills the leader as he is delivering a speech about the frequency of the Palm outbrakes, which are becoming more numerous. after scientists in other clans figure this out, it is too late. the palm is a attacking and they must join forces to defeat it.
    There will be sub plots within the groups of people in each clan.



    I must admit, it sounds like an interesting CP (although I’m not sure if “forcing” animators to buy MOCs is a good idea). How long are you aiming it to be?



    Sorry, I need some acronym translations please

    MOCs ???
    ApocaLego ???



    MOC = My Own Creation. It’s usually used to refer to self-created custom LEGO figures/sets. ApocaLEGO is a MOC done by Brothers Brick (for more info, visit the link in LegoShark’s post).



    I went to that link but it just looks like a blog.

    So when I saw your comment re

    although I’m not sure if “forcing” animators to buy MOCs is a good idea

    I was expecting to see a store or something on that website, but it’s just a blog with fictional character bio’s.

    Totally confusing to people who aren’t ‘in the know’

    Although I like the sound of the Wasteland concept.



    although I’m not sure if “forcing” animators to buy MOCs is a good idea

    When did he say that? Can`t we make our own?



    Well, No one would be able to “buy” the MOCs, as they are part of the collections of other builders. (I think i can say that most of us ere have a decent LEGO collection.) The set design would be in the form of an ApocaLEGO creation, but with greater depth, and people would have to use their own bricks to make something like that.

    I would expect this film to be about five minutes long… and needless to say it would take a long while to do. Set and Character design would be key parts in this movie. It takes place in mountains, islands, bombed-out castles, and bombed- out buildings. The whole film is the fight between the clans and their fight agaisnt the Palm.



    Well, that’s the impression I got from it. Usually, MOCs are custom creations that aren’t easy to (re)make yourself. So to create consistency between a group of animators, I thought everyone would have to buy the MOC.

    But I didn’t know these MOCs were just custom creations out of already existing parts. 🙂



    Awesome, it sounds quite interesting but I think it would be better if it showed the views of the survivors for example, scurrying for food, watching out for gangs patrolling the area, it could just be many clips of a series of animators struggling to survive. It wouldn’t matter really about set consistency because it would be set in different cities and places.



    Wow, those are nice MOC’s. I think something like this would be really cool, my brother even had a similar idea. His was that aliens or something (a large army), would come to earth, and then Earth would have to form a resistance, and fight back from the ruins (that’s why I was reminded from this). When he made the comic it was called Resistance, but then that game out. So anyway, this would be a great idea, and I would most likely help with it.

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