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    I’ve an interesting idea for a contest, and I don’t know if it will go anywhere, but it’ll be a fun idea to throw around anyways.

    The idea, as you may have gathered from the title of this topic, is to re-animate a live action (or perhaps cartoon?) scene from a popular movie using brickfilming. You would use the sound from the original scene, and would try to match up all visual aspects of your scene, such as lighting, camera angles, color, special fx, etc. with the original as well.

    On the plus side…
    – I’d make sure there was a prize, either provided by me if i can find one, or by someone else if they can.
    – I’ve always wanted to see certain movies in lego, like starwars, sin city, spiderman, etc. so I’d enjoy watching the entries
    – It would be a fun contest, because it would allow people to just have fun animating without having to think of a storyline, but there would still be a considerable challenge involved: matching everything up.
    – It would be neat to see how accurate people could make their scenes.
    – There’s opportunity for some funnies when replacing live action props with lego counterparts.

    Some issues…

    – One problem would be the scenes that people choose, as the choice of scenes could affect who’s animation is best. This could be solved by first deciding (as a community) on a list of scenes that you can use, and multiple people would be allowed to choose the same one.
    – There’s the possiblility that some people may have already done something like this, and that their scene may get accepted. We could solve this by adding a mod element.
    – Another issue could be lack of interest, as with many contests. This is easily solved: let’s get us some wicked prizes!
    – How would the winners be decided? I think that the winners should be chosen by participant vote – as a participant you must vote on one (or perhaps two?) of the other brickfilms in order for yours to be eligible to win.

    Other stuff to think about:

    What should be the time limit for this contest? I think maybe a week. (edit: more like 1-3 months)
    Can you work in teams? I think so.
    Can it be stop-motion as well as CGI? Or just stop-motion? I think both.

    So what do you think?



    Actually, there is a montage thingy going on over at Bricksinmotion–maybe here as well, I’m not sure–where you have to recreate a movie scene. It’s not a contest, so there is no prize. Several people have already made entries for it.

    And a week isn’t nearly long enough to accurately recreate a scene, I think.



    cool. i’ll check that out, thanks.

    i still think it would make a good contest though…



    i think thats a good idea 3d i would definetley enter 🙂



    @badgerboy: Ok so i checked it out – it looks ok, but the problem with it is that the clips are a maximum of 20 seconds each, and that’s not really what i’m shooting for. The montage is for monumental-like-one-liners. For example, one of the clips in the montage’s 2006 counterpart shows Gandalf saying “YOU SHALL NOT PAAAAAASS”, whereas I would have liked to see that entire scene.

    And yeah, you’re right – I’m now thinking 1-3 months. A week would not give nearly enough time.

    However, it’s cool that the montage is still going on, because people could submit parts of the entries into this contest to that one as well.

    @halo: thanks for your vote of confidence!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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