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    My idea is that we have a tournament consisting of four rounds. You must write, animate and edit your film in the time given. No length limit will be placed on the films.

    To enter, you must submit a film for round one. A poll will be started at the end of each round in which users can vote for their favorite film in order to prevent that director from being eliminated from the next round.

    Number of eliminations will vary depending on how many people enter so as to ensure a decent number make it to round four. So the film(s) with the lowest votes will be eliminated and the directors will not be able to continue into the next round.

    Also, after round one, no one else will be permitted to enter. After round one, all entrants names will be taken to ensure this. Films for the following rounds must be new ones, sequals to films in previous rounds are permitted.

    Elimination will continue as in round one until after round four in which the top three will be named.

    The rounds will be as follows.

    Round 1: 24 hours to complete film.

    Round 2: 12 hours to complete film.

    Round 3: 6 hours to complete film.

    Round 4: 3 hours to complete film.

    “You” wrote: Whoa! 3 hours?! That’s impossible!

    Actually, I made a directory worthy clip (30 odd seconds long) that did make it in and all done in just over two hours.

    No prize, except boasting rights. If this takes off, we may have a prize for future contests.

    I will be acting as the hub guy for this (you guys will be the judges though the poll) posting the names of directors entering and deleting them as necessary.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. It probably means I left something out 😛



    Stevie Collins

    Are you nuts? 3 hours? No one will make that. I might just get away with around 30 seconds in three hours.



    I did one in three hours. Vader’s buttons was three hours. I’ve made short clips in 90 minutes. It’s not bad.




    Demented Cashier was made in about 3 hours.




    I agree that the contest would be very hard to pull off. I’d suggest cutting it down to maybe a simple 12-hour competition. Kind of like a mini THAC. If you did that, I’d try to participate.




    I like the reality TV style idea. I’d definetly join.



    Why have a mini THAC when there is a real THAC :p

    I don’t like it TBH, too complicated…



    “Rsteenoven” wrote: Why have a mini THAC when there is a real THAC :p

    The boy does have a point. THAC is a mini competition. To make a mini THAC is like making a mini mini competition.




    While the concept is interesting, I have to agree that it’d be difficult to get much interest in something like this. To actually participate would be pretty unpleasant, (24 hours is already unpleasant enough, but at least the results are rewarding) I think, and would take a substantial, consecutive block out of people’s schedules. Not to mention this sequence means that the films would get progressively worse with each stage.

    If you were going to do something like this, a series of short-term competitions, I’d recommend something like Blunty’s 7/7, but probably smaller, like a 3/3 or a 4/4, which would essentially be three consecutive THACs, with slightly lower expectations because people have to sleep. Of course, most adults would be unable to compete, but this could work for students on summer break.

    My idea would be something along the lines of a “one-week trilogy contest” or something like that, with an every-other day schedule; i.e. the first film is made on Saturday, the second on Monday, the third on Wednesday. There could be a guideline that the three films be a series of three films. (But not just one film broken into 3 segments.) An every-other-day schedule would allow people to sleep some so that they could devote nearly 24 hours to each of the three films.

    You’d still need pretty good prizes to make it worthwhile to enter something like that.




    The only limits would be the time to make it, no theme or plot restrictions as that would make it to hard.

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