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    yawn … *zipping my coffee*

    morning all

    i got another copyright question

    besides filmmaking, i try to play around with my vinyls and come up with a decent mix tape (btw .. anyone here into this?) .. so, my question is:

    do i violate any copyright issus by placing a mix on the net?
    do i have to give credit, e.g. put a playlist aside, …?




    I think with sopyright- you just have to mention the name, but with alll rights reserved, you have to pay royalties.

    -Hope this helps,



    “sampling” has been pretty well established as a legally acceptable way to re-use someone else’s work as your own. The idea is that you’re taking their work and making a completely new work yourself. You can’t just replay long portions of the original song, you need to use the samples in such a way as to make them something new.

    Proteus, why don’t you post some of your work? You’ve been talking a lot about your music lately, I’d really like to hear some.



    no website with which to post from……
    and my bandwidth would be killed in less than an hour……
    most of the files are HUGE……
    but i think i can find a way to post them and as soon as i do……
    Yous guys will be the first to know……



    Knock them down to mp3 or ogg vorbis and I’ll give you webspace to put them on. Let me know when they’re ready and I’ll give you an ftp account.



    Cool…..I will let you know when i finish a good one…..
    (I had to recently clean my hdd……and my backup disk for those mixes are just lost or to scratched to be read……So i will make a new one)

    Any specific type you would like to hear???
    Trance, drum n’ bass…….
    Or anything?



    If you do a remix something by using samples of existing music, you are allowed not to declare them ONLY if the samples have been tweak so much that you can’t recognize the source.
    If that’s not the case, you should ask permission of the original artist, put it in the credits and sometimes pay royalties for the use of the samples.



    I have never used any of that kind of stuff
    (Only song i actually did use was the theme from trigun)
    so I dont have to worry about it 😛



    it is not about using or sampling a song and use it in a film .. it is about posting a mixtape of mine (a mix done by me, with my hands – and a lot of pudding 😆 ) on the net

    maybe someone has a link to some legal stuff about this topic … 😕



    ad.hoc, the question is simple : what is the source of your mix tape ?
    Did you play all the instruments ?
    Did you use some audio material coming from other artists ?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)

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