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    I have a logitech pro 4000 so how would i do this. T might be able to help me…



    What exactly is your question? Do you mean chromakeying? If you do, it has to do with your software and not your camera.




    Weirdears, means Chromakeying (bluescreening)
    Well a cam has definetely a great meanig for chromakeying, without set the settings right in your cam you won’t be never able to create a automatic*1 chromakeying.
    Well chromakeying depends a lot on good lighting and a cam what is able to make clear pictures.
    The LQP4000 is someway pretty good for chromakeying but only when you modify your figs (reduce the reflection) and it strongly depends on good lighting set.
    Ok you’ve have these point done right, don’t think that you are ready for it.
    There are not much good chromakeying proggies. Proggies are the most important for keying with out them you won’t be ably to create that effect.
    You can split the movie in single frames and edit them in a pohto editing proggie, this works very well but it will cost you a hell lot’s of time.
    Pinnacle Commotion Pro is one that’s is somebit nice for doing automatic chromakeying, but I never use that on keying.

    *1 working without traveling mattes. it’s something like a mask.

    Edit (I feel like a fool because I forgot to mention it. Sorry Stef)
    Well a great free chromakey proggies is BSOL, contact Wandrer 2 and he will probably send you a free copy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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