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    The Doctor and I agreed on a list of mods to keep. Here they are:

    And I didn’t discuss it with The Doctor, but I chose to leave guitar man as a mod as well, for now, at least. We might remove him later.

    HeandHim will be a “back-up” mod of sorts. If we ever need an extra mod, HeandHim will be re-added, temporarily.

    All admins and such are still in the moderators usergroup, of course.



    Yay! Backup mod, technically my position to begin with was a temporary one, so I’m good.



    HeAndHim is a good mod.

    I think you should keep him.



    “History500” wrote: HeAndHim is a good mod.

    I think you should keep him.

    i second that! btw master badger i think your list is a very good one :wink good choice of mods…i think you should keep heandhim aswell but in the end that decission is up to you and doc, i am overjoyed that doc and you have become admins! keep up the good work guys!




    HeandHim did good as a mod, but we didn’t need anymore mods than the ones currently on the list.



    I would love to hear why you kept me as a mod.

    – Leo



    When The Doctor and I were deciding who to keep, we chose you three because you come around enough and you remove objectionable material when you see it.

    It really wasn’t a “We should keep him because…” kind of discussion, we just went in and removed mods who no longer visited or we didn’t need.



    Thanx for the support, though I really never got to do that much (Cause the spammers were afraid of me 😛 ) Unfortanately, it’s not my decision to make.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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