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    Check it out? I’m sure most of you have wanted custom guns at sometime, well, here are a few. If you own a Stikfas army figure, you have all of these guns. The handles are just barely to small for lego figs, but with a tiny amount of clay, they fit perfect. If you don’t see any reason in buying a Stikfas figure, here is a great one.
    The small handgun(pp7 😎 )i got the idea from a post a while back (can’t remember where) where somebody suggested using a western rifle with part of the end cut off to make a great looking hand gun. I expanded on this idea and created a silenced version, too. Pretty cool! They will be featured in a movie of mine wich will be here in a while. Tell me watcha think!


    kowarama skip

    😮 WOW! 😮
    Question: Do Stikfa guns fit in Lego fig hands?
    Question: Are they expensive and where can you get them?


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    I think someone has been playing to much James Bond 😉

    First, That AK looks more like its an MP5. The “Tactical Sniper” looks a lot like some sort of Steyer, with the bullpup style, and the scope. And there is no PP7. They just changed it to taht to avoid a lawsuit. Its actually a Whalter PPK. And the Deutsche looks like a HK. Dont really know which one, but it looks a lot like one. Cant put my finger on it.

    (I dont know if you are the one that labled them, but just for info)

    But those look awesome. Where do you buy these? I dont think ive ever seen that brand before.



    The Deutsche looks like a H&K G3.

    I agree, the AK doesn’t look right. I love the pump shotgun, though.

    You should try to clean up the edges on your “sawed off” pistol and silencer. Even in your demo movie the plastic burrs are very apparent. Making a silencer out of it was a great idea. I don’t know how you would do it, but the silencer would be more obvious if it had a greater diameter than the barrel of the gun.



    *wonders why dfb and revmen have such knowledge about guns. In my country, that would definitely not be normal…*



    Hey, this guns look pretty good! 😮
    Does they fit to minifigs hands?



    Here are a few answers to some questions(I think the first couple I answered already, but what the hey)

    1. They are just a little too small for lego hands, but with a tiny little amount of clay, they work great.

    2. I got them from a Stikfas army figure from Gamestop, and it cost about $10

    3. I don’t really know very much about guns, but like DFB said, I’ve been playing too much Bond! I just took the bookloet and labelled them whatever they looked like in the game.

    $. Hmm. Thanks for the comment about the thinner barrel on the reg. pp7 (or p2k or whatever you people call them) I will use this in my next movie!

    5. Wandrer, this is America for you.



    you must be a james bond fan. those gunz r from the one of them games.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    G3!!! Thanks Revman. My mind was a little blank. WEll, Ive been around guns my whole life, so I tend to know a little bit about them. (I was shooting before I can remember) Some of them I know because of actually seeing, holding, and in some cases firing them. Other than that mostly from just reading and stuff. To this day one of the coolest things Ive done, is goto the national NRA convention. Every major gun maker was there, and had safe models of their gusn you could just pick up and hold. (Safe as in there was no firing pin, no ammunition was allowed anywhere in the building, the triggers were sometimes disabled, and some of them had action blocks. I tell you, there is nothing like holding an MP5 to your shoulder, setting it down, and trying to figure out which one you will choose next 8))



    on the note of the tactical sniper you would never see a perfectly straight grip(xcept a custom defiant mk4….)because if it was perfectly straight ( like this: ll) then the force of the blast or shot would push your hand all the way to your elbow even if you had a buttstock(or hilt)…….in actuality your grip would look more ergonomic (like this: // …..or this: ))….)
    (but the rest look pretty scale)
    XERO OUT*static* :evil

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