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    Noobster Studios

    I had a problem now for a time and I dont know how to fix it. When I create a movie the picture changes light. I dont touch anything. The light is flashing all the time.

    Example in this movie.

    Look at the light all the time.




    Check out the tutorials on lighting in the tutorial section of this website. Their a lot of help.



    this is basicly light flicker many people have the proplem
    but alot of famous brick filmers put paper over there lamps i know it sounds dangerous i bet youre thinking hang on itll light on fire well it could if you use hot bulbs but i use engery bulbs so try out that it has worked with me.


    Joseph Propati

    Some things I’ve learned to watch out for are:

    1. If you have any of your camera or webcam light settings set to Auto, this is bad because every time you put your hand or arm in front of the camera the camera has to readjust for the change in light and you will get flicker!!! Take off all auto settings because they will end up causing you problems!!!!!
    2. If you are taking your photos really fast and you keep your hand close to the set or minifigs it will add shadow and change the light, which will cause light flicker. Make sure you pull your hand and arm completely away from the set when you take the photo.
    3. Make sure you don’t have any outside lighting available such as an open window, sunlight or background light in the room, or even someone else walking around the room while you take your photos. It doesn’t take much for the light to change and you can’t even see it happening around you because you are so focused on the computer screen or camera screen. You should only use lamps and plenty of them, turn off all excess room lights, block out natural light, use dark clothing with long sleeves because your white skin can even affect the lighting of the shot, take your time when you take the photos, don’t bump the lamps because this can change the light setting from the previous shot!
    Hope these help.



    Use 3 lamps, at the very least 2. Check that the lamps don’t flicker. Always animate in a blacked-out room with no lights except the lighting of your animation. if a computer is present so you can put your frames on the computer immediately, turn it away from your scene. And check carefully about each shot that you are not in the way of the lamps. Put some tracing or baking paper in the way of the lights, (taping it onto the lamp’s head) and keep it hanging a little loose, so it won’t catch on fire. What this does is that it stops the light from being harsh and causing a shine on the plastic figures. Nice animation.

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