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    The time has come to add more shirt designs to the brickfilms merch page, to aid in our bid for world domination.

    This time we will be producing 2 new designs. As usual, my visual design skills are all but worthless, so I must call upon the community.

    Come up with a cool shirt design and post it here for ridicule and review. Through a complicated process of discussion, voting, politics, playing favorites, cost analysis, and social engineering, we (I) will choose the next 2 designs. If you submitted a design last year that didn’t get made, feel free to re-submit it in this thread.

    Try not to use more than 3 colors in your design, and be sure to specify the color of shirt it should go on. Front/back designs are OK, but are not as likely to be chosen because of their significantly higher production cost.

    To the two designers of the accepted shirts will go ~$50 in brickfilms merch credit. This means I’ll send you “about $50” worth of stuff, which can include shirts, DVDs (HAT and HaV), chroma cloth, or whatever else we happen to have available. You don’t have to use it right away, but I’d prefer if you used it all at once.

    OK, design and post away!



    Here is ENTRY 1 for the Brickfilms t-shirt competition.

    Font: Impact (not as wide though)



    T-Shirt base color: navy blue
    T-Shirt collar and edge color: royal blue

    Design is formattable for other colors as well.



    Wow, BD, that looks cool. I’m not much of an artist, but here is my design.

    PNG image (43kb)

    I guess it could go on any color shirt.



    I wish there was just a plain black shirt with the logo on it.



    Here’s my idea

    Not much, but oh well :shrug:




    When is the design due by?



    I wish there was just a plain black shirt with the logo on it.

    Felix, here’s something that may fit that description.

    ENTRY 2: … films2.jpg


    Pierre Films

    I need to get my mom to make me a Brickfilms sweater. The logo would be complicated though. :shrug:

    Pierre Films 💡

    #97347 … tshirt.jpg

    Not too special. But what ever.



    well, i have an idea, but im stuck of the pc for the next few days. whens the deadline?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 138 total)

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