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    The Janitor

    Here it is…the third installment in the Diplomacy series.

    3:39, 9.11 megs


    I am quite happy with how this turned out. I do realize that the file is quite large for a film of this length, and the audio quality is not so good.I am fairly new at this editing business, but will try to make a better, smaller file soon.

    As always, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.



    nicely done!

    The ausome things:
    Picture Quality
    Choice of music

    I would have been a little less confused if you had put in a few words over black to show what they were saying, mainly just in the parts that are hard to understand.

    A great film! Well done! 😀




    That was great!

    The animation was very good. What framerate did you use? It seemed like more than the average 15fps. The camera work was very good too. I liked the tracking shot of the guy walking along the bar. Good stuff. You have a knack for telling stories without words. The stories may be somewhat simple, but it is still a great feat.

    The only thing that bothered me a little bit was that the people didn’t move their arms when they walked. Just a slight forward and backward arm movement would have made the walking look better.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the film. Great work!




    Neat! Fun! Definitely worth the download!

    RevMen, either my superior intellect put me above the average mortal, or the film is perfectly understandable the first time. The slow pace helped with that.

    I’d have one remark, and that is the fact that sometimes the cut to the next scene is a bit too fast. Especially when we see 2 knights walking to the stool, and then all of a sudden there are 5… otherwise, well done!




    I understood what was going on the first time around.

    “wandrer2” wrote: either my superior intellect put me above the average mortal, or the film is perfectly understandable the first time.

    I think we are both above the average mortals, let’s rule the world! :wink

    The picture quality was great, and so was the animation. The story was funny, another very Diplomacy-ish film. I agree with Dandenmark, some text would have helped make it clearer (for the average mortal). Another great addition my collection 🙂




    It may be my DivX, but the animation on my PC looks slightly jittery and *can’t explain it*



    “The Janitor” wrote: I agree that some of the cuts were a little quick. Sometimes its tough to judge how long a scene should last after the action stops when you are doing stop motion animation.

    Here, here.. I ran into that this weekend when trying out some scenes and getting the feel for fliming in stop motion.

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