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    Does anyone here use graphic tablets for editing work? Can you recommend a good one?



    Hmm, I suppose nobody does 🙂



    Define Grafic tablet?



    Like the ones on this
    It allows you to input data through a pen instead of a mouse.
    It allows for easier editing, drawing and navigating. 🙂



    Yes, I use WACOM bamboo for drawing. Just my english getting confused as we also call other things tablets. The wacom tablets takes some getting used to. But if you master it, i dont see why one couldnt use it for other things than digital design.
    You dont need the biggest ones. (I been seecretly desiering one of those Big pro grafic tables. OOoooh expensive)



    Cool! I have a Bamboo Tablet as well, bought it secondhand as the new ones are so expensive. Mine is a Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch. What software do you use with it? I’m still learning Paint Tool SAI… It’s a bit awkward…but with practice I think I could get the hang of it 🙂



    With practise you can do ANNYTHING! 😛

    It came with artrage, adobephotoshop (something something essensials?) and another one I dont remember.

    The thing to learn are the shortcut keays. like ctrl+c to cut out. once you know your shortcuts workflow is simplified as you wont have to use the pen for navigating menu stuff.

    the pen tablets for pc/mac may eradicate you need for a mouse, unless you plan to play a round of shoot em up games with friends then the pen is useless. ;P

    For easier training, I suggest taking tings bit for bit.
    “today I will spent a hour on learning to play around with the contrast and colour settings”
    “today I wil spend a hour on learning to use the pen tools with different flow and preshure settings. using only the pen and key board”



    Thanks Morten! I’m training with Paint Tool SAI now 🙂 It’s so cool! It even detects how strong the strokes are. And the flicks are very convenient when navigating pages. I confuse them every now and then though so I’ll practise more.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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