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    In less than a month my girlfriend will be graduating with a degree in microbiology. To commemorate this event, I am creating a brickfilm called “Great Microbiologists.” It will be a comedy with some actual historical truth to it.

    I will be doing scenes with two important microbiologists from history. One will be Louis Pasteur, who Lowweek has graciously agreed to play. The other is Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. I have a horrible French accent (hence Lowweek’s participation) and I don’t even know where to begin with a Dutch accent, so that’s why I need YOU!!

    The part will be a bit silly. In my research I determined that all Leeuwenhoek really did was look through his microscope at various things and find microbes, which he described as “animalcules” and “wee beasties.” So in this movie he will run about, collect samples from strange places, look at them and exclaim “There are WEE BEASTIES in XXX!” and/or “There are ANIMALCULES in XXX!” where XXX is the fluid or whatever he’s observing (and he looked in some weird places for microbes, too).

    Anyone up for it? Now that I consider it, it doesn’t even have to be in English. You could speak in Dutch (and I would have to trust that you’re saying the correct things, cause how could I tell?) and I could put subtitles. It might be very funny that way.

    OK, now I’m rambling. I know there are some Dutch brickfilmers here. And I know you guys know who I am, because last month The Netherlands accounted for almost 2% of my total web traffic! So help me out!



    Sounds like fun. Count me in!

    Contact me at

    stefan at yellowhead dot nl




    OK, great. You’re in! E-mail with link to the script on its way.



    Well, don’t forget that small little country below tre netherlands, BELGIUM!
    We Belgians also speak Dutch, but in a totally different tone.

    Now, look, don’t get me wrong, the Dutchmen are wonderful and smart people (well, not always 😆 ), but we Belgians are often more talented in speaking the English language. When Dutchmen speak English, it sounds a bit weird… For example, rewatch Grand Theft Auto, where that ‘boss’ or whatever he was, was saying ‘what the f*ck’, it really sounded weird… 😛

    I can help too if you want, though the accent will be quite different.
    (I can speak Belgian-English, or normal English :P…) I’ll let you hear some and then its up to you to decide, RevMen



    I would like to help.

    But I’m affraid I wouldn’t could find any time to do it.

    For example, rewatch Grand Theft Auto, where that ‘boss’ or whatever he was, was saying ‘what the f*ck’, it really sounded weird…

    Yeah I sounded like a Polish/Dutch voice actor. (I guess it was me) 😆



    Wow, thanks for all the offers. I think Stefan has definitely got the part of Leeuwenhoek under control. I would add more Dutch (or even Belgian) characters to take advantage of you guys, but the film is already looking to be nearly twice as long as I had originally intended.

    I guess I never really stopped to think about what language is spoken in Belgium. Typical American, I know, never really knowing what goes on in other countries. I do know good beer comes from Belgium! : :wink


    ghost of mc

    iam mixed with dutch and black and vietnamese. i have a dutch accentt



    You bet we’ve got the best beer in da world!!!! 😀 8) 😛



    Firelance : where in Belgium do you live ?



    In flanders, in East-Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen) to be precise, somewhere in a town next to the schelde, a river, don’t know the English name…
    Why, Lowweek?

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