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    Is there any way that posts can indicate the time and date when they were edited as opposed to only when they were originally posted? I’ve made some FAQ changes, yet to the unbeknownst, it looks as though our FAQ has remained untouched since the day we moved here in March.

    Can this be changed, or is do I need to delete and re-post each topic if I want it to look current?

    — mrgraff



    Here is what you wanted


    The “always have the edited by” hack



    Thanks Banjo. I’ll take a look at it this weekend.



    yea yea dont mention it

    DAMNIT THIS SUCKS… its not even as hard as the points hack which took me 5 or so mins.. 😮 😯

    3 files to edit tsk tsk tsk.. yea yea then you got your database update file which’ll add some new tables to yer database blah blah..

    i could even install this right now and finish it in like 5 mins (i have like…more than 10 phpbb’s hosted with me 😀 )

    GOD this is easy

    I CAN DO THIS IN 2 MINUTES IM GOD DAM SERIOUS! lol, this IS the easiest hack ive seen.. well that usergroups hack to show in posts was just as easy :-/



    MrGraff, could you please re-include the “recent changes” topic to the FAQ section? I like to read new additions, and that topic made it easy to locate them.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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