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    And the winner is:

    We got 14 ballots in total, and after doing some Excel I am happy to announce the overall winners and the winners of the individual categories:

    overall winner:
    Sméagol – Unrenewable

    second price:
    cannedgravy – Pirates!

    third price:
    Nick Durron – Pierre & Luigi


    The ranking for the individual categories are:


    1. Smeagol Unrenewable [/*]
    2. Cannedgravy Pirates! [/*]
    3. Nick Durron Pierre&Luigi [/*]
    4. Leonardo812 Worthless [/*]
    5. Munzapoppa Mans best friend [/*]
    6. The frozen brick Jealousy [/*]
    7. Timfee Fouke the final [/*]
    8. DM legostudios friends in combat AND PE porukka all ball ego [/*]


    1. Nick Durron Pierre&Luigi[/*]
    2. Cannedgravy Pirates![/*]
    3. The frozen brick Jealousy[/*]
    4. Smeagol Unrenewable[/*]
    5. Leonardo812 Worthless[/*]
    6. Munzapoppa Mans best friend[/*]
    7. Timfee Fouke the final[/*]
    8. DM legostudios friends in combat[/*]
    9. PE porukka all ball ego[/*]

    General presentation

    1. Smeagol Unrenewable[/*]
    2. Cannedgravy Pirates![/*]
    3. Nick Durron Pierre&Luigi[/*]
    4. Leonardo812 Worthless[/*]
    5. The frozen brick Jealousy[/*]
    6. Munzapoppa Mans best friend[/*]
    7. Timfee Fouke the final[/*]
    8. DM legostudios friends in combat[/*]
    9. PE porukka all ball ego[/*]

    I would like to thank all competitors for their work and efforts! You all made very nice films. There was no entry, that got no points, which means that there was always someone who thought your film should be among the best five!
    And again congratulations to the winners! Please PM me for you prizes, the first one picks first and so forth, we have:
    -Cafe Corner
    -Y-wing fighter 7658
    -Brickfilms T-shirt

    Thank you, Cheers Arend

    edit: Here are links to all of the films:

    Leonardo812 – Worthless
    DM legostudios – friends in combat
    Munzapoppa – Man’s Best Friend
    Timfee – Fouke: The Final
    PE-porukka – all Ball ego
    Sméagol – Unrenewable
    Nick Durron – Pierre & Luigi
    cannedgravy – Pirates!
    The frozen brick – Jealousy




    Damn, I kept putting off voting. Any chance we could see the breakdown?

    At any rate, congratulations to everyone -I’m sure it was a close call in any case!



    Meh, I can take 5/6th place. This was a great contest, and I’m glad I entered. Congrats to everyone who entered, and especially to the top 3.

    By the way, I appreciate how quickly the voting/results went. Ahnt and Smeagol should run every contest (and I should run the trailer contests :wink )




    Wow! 🙂 Thank you to everyone who voted, and to the other entrants for making this a great contest. Congratulations to cannedgravy and Nick Durron as well on their wins. Thank you to everybody involved in running the contest as well. This was a lot of fun.




    Go Unrenewable!

    All the films were awesome! Everyone who entered should be proud!


    Eclipse Productions

    Woohoo! Congrats to the winners!



    wow ! 7th place ! cool ! hehe

    we were not hoping for more…
    anyway, doing fouke, the final was great. we learned a lot about camera moves, smoothness and image coulour, and mouth animating. thanks to the ones who voted, even if they were few, and congrats to all the entrants, your movies were great. specially the winners’ ones.



    Woohoo! 4th place! Congrats to all of the entrants, and especially to Smeagol, cannedgravy, and Nick Durron. Great job.




    Red Ryder Studios

    Congrats to everyone, especially the top three. Excellent films! The contest was run very well! There should more contests of the likes of this one. Amazing! Again, congratulations to all who participated in the contest!



    One thing: On the front page it says, “And the winners is…” You might want to change that to: “And the winner is….”


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