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    me and my other director are making a fast and the furious lego movie we need any ideas thrown to us especially how to make a car spin it’s tires
    i also need ideas for tracks and scenes i started a script yesterday… thanks for your help, “do it fast, do it furious”



    to make the tires spin biuld the art of the car with the side of the tires you want to spin with 1×2 technic piece. Its got that solid hole in it. Put a piece to connect to the tire and feed it threw the hole. Now just spin it with your fingers when you film! For a big scene: 1) In fast in the furious they had the train scene 2) in two fast two furious they have the bridge jump and mustang crushed under the semi. 3) My suggestion would be to develope another thing like that. Something original that hasent been shown yet.


    Why did you feel the need to ask the same question in three different forums…..tisk tisk tisk.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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