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    I am curious to know, how long does it take for you to film your film? Let’s say, 2-4 minutes long. For me it usually takes couple months, ’cause I film 4-6 hours a week. If it’s interesting animation, then I film a little bit more.




    It takes me about one month, maybe a little longer, to film a film about 3 and a half minutes long, which is the length I usually shoot for.

    Interesting discussion, but of course, Blunty can film a 5 minute movie in 3 hours, and Timboh can too, but we both know the difference in quality. 😆




    With my wow entry, which was almost 2 minutes long, it took me 3 days.

    But if I make a good film, it takes a couple of monthes.

    P.S. I voted for “more” by accident…




    It certainly depends. On average, probably about 2 months. I used to be able to film that in under a week, but once quality became an issue, it’s taking alot longer. At any rate, it depends on A) the time of year B) The amount of action in the film and C) Whether or not I’m interested, and finally D) Whether or not I have the time.
    Empty, which was a 5 minute film, which I filmed in roughly a month, half the time it has taken me to film 2 minutes of The Cask of Amontillado. First of all, I’m doing alot more re-shoots for TCOA, and it isn’t during the summer. I’m probably more interested in this project, but I had ALOT more spare time during the summer. However, I have a long weekend, and with dedicated filming, I’ve managed to film quite a bit, so I might be able to get it finished in under 3 months.




    Took me about a week to film The Monkey(incase you havn’t noticed 😆 )


    Lego Laz

    It tooks me months to make a good film.



    It depends on the film I make:
    For “If Star Wars Guys Want To Order A Pizza” it took me only 2 daysbut on the current movie I’m making (“The Securer”) the preparation took me about 5 days.
    And I haven’t started filming yet.


    Lego Laz

    I started to make Agent Ray 1.5 month ago but I still not began filming. Now I only is making different tests and build something that I will need in my film. Ohh.. and of course I finished the script only 5 days ago 🙂



    It depends. If it is a 30-min movie, it could take more than 4 months.
    If it is a ‘quickie’, it could take a matter of hours.
    If it is a 1min-5min movie, it could take up to a month.
    If it is inbetween 5mins and 30mins, it could take about three months or more.
    If it is over 30 minutes, chances are you’ll give up! 😀
    Not really! T made an hour-long Lego movie, and it took him more than a year!



    But of course if you’re Weirdears, it takes you 2 divided by 0 months to make most films.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 24 total)

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