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    Alright, ya’ll, it’s about time i got a real movie up. It’s been my big secret project for a while and i’ve been workin on it for about 6 months now. Now it’s out in the open. It’s called Espionage and if it gets enough good reviews, it’l be the first in a series. Don’t expect it too soon, though. It’s still got a ways to go.
    It pretty much goes like metal gear solid with all the espionage and stuff. It jumps right into sniping action, and ends with a BIG bang, all the while with our hero, Agent Echo, staying out of sight and under cover.
    Don’t wanna reveal too much, though.
    It should be done hopefully before school starts up again, although i will be gone for a while during the summer.
    As for the poster, I did it with prismacolor pencils on black paper. The letters were added in on my pc, though.



    😮 That is freakin cool! 😮



    That is a neat poster, Nate! You definitely know how to draw!

    Ever considered a cell animation?




    nah, i’m not really into drawin cartoons and stuff. I just draw lifelike stuff. I actually have a few pics of other things i have won awards for.


    The Janitor

    Very cool! I especially like the closeups of the figs in the top corners.


    Shootin Bricks

    Great poster Nate!

    Nate showed me some of his other award winning artwork while we were in chat- it was incredible, great stuff!
    Why don’t you post the link here Nate and let evryone check them out?

    The lad is a fine illustrator- he has mad skillz 😀



    If any of you are interested at all, here are a couple of pics of two of my pics that i won awards for.



    Wow, those are all good!

    Great job Nate! You have real talent!

    Yolegoman, who may have more posts then anybody else, but also compliments and helps more people then anybody else


    Nate, awesome work! Like shootin bricks said, Mad Skillz!



    😮 realy nice work man

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)

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