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    Before you guys start yelling at me, I did search, and did check the faq. The faq has one person’s opinion, and I want to hear other peoples opinions. I just got a Mac G4 Tiger, with Mac OS X, and need to download a frame grabbing program. What frame capturing program do you use, and what do you find good/bad about it? I would like to know different people’s opinions are.


    I dont have a MAC but i use Stop Motion Pro software. You should check out Stop Motion Animator, im not sure if that works with MAC or not. Maybe check on Google for “Stop Motion Programs for MAC” or something. I hope this information helped you 🙂



    Antything you particularly like about stop motion pro? The point of this thread is to compare people’s opinions of the programs.



    Um, on the front of the site, there’s an add for Boinx iStopMotion. Check it out.




    Most people that use Macs use Frame Thief (even pros) but I have windows.



    I’m looking for something free. Also, What do you guys like about those programs. Pros, Cons?



    free mac framegrab programs are few and far between.

    You may be able to get Thomas Foote’s ‘MotionMage Free‘ to work on OS X. It should work, but I don’t know anyone who’s tried it… and it’s written in Java. So, you may need to download some java libraries too. My experiences with Java are not always pleasant. It always seems a little shakey. I avoid it.

    Also, Someone from digitalthoughtsoftware came up with this free imovie plugin to do stop motion. supposedly it has Frame Averaging and Onionskinning. (see this post for the required password information)
    Although their link is now dead, you can download it from my website HERE ( fxAnimate_v1.2.sit )

    I don’t know of any Mac users using either of these two though.

    I use FrameThief ($50), which has more features than any other Mac program. The downside (I recently discovered) is that the webcam exposure controls are not very good. Not a huge problem for me because I usually use a DV cam but, for some folks…

    lots of other Mac geeks use iStopMotion and seem to like it OK but, It’s very expensive, but doesnt offer anything better that Framethief, except for a better lookin UI (user interface).

    Good luck. If you have success with either of these two free programs, please report back to the community.



    I’ll try to check it out. That digital thought software thing sounds promising. If anyone else wants to share their experience with different programs, mac or pc, please do. Has anyone used that program?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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