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    Kapaluchi Studios

    There are some benefits for working as an employee of the AMC movie theatres. These are some movies I have seen beginning from few months ago. Some of them, I have seen twice, or more; yes, I like movies.

    BTW, I have only seen Legally Blonde because my sister wanted to see it, but I still think it was a pretty good movie for a chick flick.
    Size-Edited for 56kers



    Your so lucky. 😮 Man I wish I worked there!!!!


    Brian of Gep

    AMC theaters rock.

    Two words:

    “Sarah” wrote: “Cuddle Seats”



    My friend works at a Regal Theater and all there employee’s get free private family showings of movies ahead of release date. 😀



    um… horray for you?

    Exactly why did you have to attach a 1090×1414, 380KB Jpeg just to tell us you’ve seen a few movies for free coz you work at a cimema? :roll
    some people just seem to have less common sence than your average inbread pet-store hampster.
    Kapaluchi, you’re getting remarkadbly efficient at wasting out time and bandwidth. I’m so happy you’ve finally found something you’re good at.


    Kapaluchi Studios

    I would like to apologize to the people who found my thread annoying. By posting my movie tickets, I acted like I had no common sense as an inbread pet-store hamster. I would also like to apologize to 56kers for posting such a huge image file.



    Dont listen to him, man. I didnt find the post a waste of space. It shows me what kind of movies you choose to see when you get in them free, and that tells me that these may be worth going to see. Also, it tells me that i should work at a movie theater.
    And another thing, the picture loaded incredibly fast and im on a 56k that sometimes gets up to 44. And i’d way rather look at those tickets than a long, plain list.
    Plus, this is the community forum, so he can basically post about anything he wants to.



    Yeah, MR. Bluntman’s good at being mean. (No offense)



    (LOL BLUNT….heres my waste of space and bandwidth…)

    i almost got a job as a sound technician(techie)
    at an AMC theatre but they called two days to late(thats when i got the mcdeath job…)
    speaking of jobs….
    i lost mine last week on thursday cause they needed some1 to run a CNC
    (Computer Numerical Control..) Lathe and mill…
    i cant do that so they laid me off….
    (so i need a new job b4 my school payments are due…)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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