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    I recently got a new HD webcam, and the stop motion software I’m using doesn’t support HD..So I have been trying to find good Free stop motion software, and Monkey Jam is not what I want it doesn’t have Onion Skinning. here is a list of program I’ve already found and I don’t want (at least one thing is wrong with each free stop motion program I get) Monkey Jam, Stop Motion Animator (its stupid because you have to keep onion skin doesn’t stay on) Helium Frog Animator, (it’s just glitchy and slow at taking frames)and AnimatorDV Simple. could anyone recommend a FREE stop motion software? I don’t have the money at the moment to buy a program..the one I want is Stop Motion Pro (but it’s 295 dollars) it’s used my Aardman Animation Studios. 🙂




    @jahnocil Thanks anyway but it doesn’t look like it supports HD..and I recently got a new HD webcam, so I really want one that supports HD. 😉



    Qik Photo Animator is available in a trial edition (or a few dollars if it’s useful to you). It supports HD cameras and HD (720p, 1080p) video output.


    Galaxy Patrol

    It seems that most software that has HD capability are paid/premium ones


    – MonkeyJam (Easy interface, basic, helpful features)
    – Helium Frog Animator (If you capture from webcam)
    – AnimatorDV (If you capture from webcam)
    – qStopMotion (Very useful features)

    Your Welcome.



    You know, I have to conclude, after my own painstaking search, that there is some major fault with every single free stop motion program for Windows. Seriously. EVERY SINGLE EFFING ONE! It’s ridiculous! AnimatorDV Simple+ would be good except it has a weird resolution limit, and nothing else quite compares to it in the free stop motion sector. However, I’m thinking I will buy the full version of AnimatorDV; there are two versions, one licensed for commercial use and one for non-commerical use only. The non-commercial is about $75, which I’m thinking is a fair price for what it offers. (However, the commercial licensed one is about $150.) Sorry, but there seems to really not be a free HD program that has onion-skinning and isn’t glitchy. DV is probably your best option at this point; best of luck!



    Okay, I have to ammend my previous post; Helium Frog, when I first tried it, was weird and glitchy, but it now works pretty much flawlessly; nice features, not much lag, high resolution, onion-skinning, and free. I’d definitely go with it, if you’re still looking.



    That’s good to know Izonator. I think I’m going to download it too. 🙂


    thank you Izonator24, I just downloaded Helium Frog the other day, it seems to work pretty well, but for some reason is does crash when I try to export an avi. I’m pretty sure is still exports though. so it’s pretty good. Thanks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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