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    no, this isn’t a new Bluntmation, (comming I promise) instead it’s a little film I spotted while taking a look at the stopmotion pro website, trying to justify the expense… (but at nearly $400 Aussie dollars I just can’t) AAANYway, I spotted a LEGO based film in their gallery I hadn’t noticed before… (aside from Hali’s *plug*)

    here’s the direct link
    from THIS page

    it’s by Peter Friend from New Zealand.
    It’s called “FUN” and that is Exactly what it is, a simple, liniar film, that has a blissfull, innocent FUN about it…

    I’ve mentined before, it’s rare for me to laugh out loud while watching films, something has to be particularly clever, and funny to get me to do more than a small chortle or wide grin… this short films has that “x factor” and induced quite a chuckle from me.

    This film is another one of those NO MINI-FIG films that are so rare, and so fresh around here… and there is some REALLY clever animation in it also.

    I just wish there was a webpage or e-mail for this Peter Friend person, so we could give him an invite here.


    Mr. Less




    I remember watching “space race” back before coming here to Now that was a classic Lego film. Does anyone know were it might be found? I used to be on the Lego Studios site….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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