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    So I’m at an absolute loss here and need some help! My son has expressed interest in making lego movies and as far as I’m concerned, it beats the hell out of him sitting in front of the Xbox all day. We have a PC and I was wondering what hardware/software you suggest for a 12 year old kid to use. Also I’ve seen reference to people using webcams, camcorders, and cameras. He would just be using my camera so does that make a difference in what software we can use? Any help advice would be appreciated.



    You’ll have to provide more detail on the camera (make, model, included softwere, etc.)

    Visit as there are more people on there to answer your questions.



    Your hardware is okay; PC’s are just as good as Mac when it comes to saving money. But if he’s a hardcore animator,(and you have the money) go with a Mac. As for cameras, make sure you do not get a cheap unknown brand name camera for $20.(I’ve been through that.) A camcorder would work just as well’ and he can even use it for live action films. As for software, any photo editor would do. GIMP is free and similar to the well known Photoshop. A common animator beginners use is MonkeyJam or Windows Movie Maker, but if you invest in a program, iStopMotion is the way to go.(The cheapest being $50.) As for video editing, Wax 2.0 is the only free one I know. Many people use Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas (both being very pricey!!!) but if you have the cash, I would advise buying it. I would encourage you to continue being a member and build this sites numbers again.(I’m glad to help.)



    I vote for monkeyjam too as it is the software I’ve used ever since I’ve started making brickfilms. It has everything your boy will need to make his first brickfilm. How old is he by the way.

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